Tahlia’s session was deeply intuitive, nurturing and supportive. I felt very safe during her session to explore parts of myself that do not often get expressed. Tahlia worked shamanically using sound, breathe and touch, this activated my entire system. The yoni massage was powerful and she de-armoured old patterns within me, I felt old stories and ancestral wounding melt away. I felt safe enough during the session to allow unexpressed sounds, cries and movements and I could feel Tahlia’s space holding for this. It was powerful, opening and deeply healing.


Tahlia, thank you. You are both powerful and gentle. I have the utmost respect for you. I look forward to the next time we can connect. Thanks to you I experienced perhaps the most powerful experience of my life to date. I now know I can find empowerment through facing my fears and conditioning. I feel that you are an extremely important woman, please continue with what you are doing.


My anus has been a functional part of my body, a closed door that never should let anything out unless sat firmly on a toilet. A closed door that keeps us safe from dirty shit and smells, a healthy door is one that stays firmly shut, untouched, closed. I hear how others enjoy it, I have in my past been aroused by touch of my anus but through shame fear and ignorance pushed that touch away. Tahlia worked on my head, neck, jaw, face, she gave strong beautiful therapeutic touch. I could feel from the inside, my own places of tension. She moved down my back and threw out tension through my feet, it felt so good, to throw it out. As Tahlia massaged my buttocks and hips and under my tail-bone I fell deep into my past… I cried a little, then a lot, Tahlia held space for me to really feel that and let it go…. I wailed sobbed and was ready to move on. Tahlia moved into my hips and the ancient cry of my bones found voice. With Tahlia’s spirit voice, breath, and strength in holding deep massage, my ancestors’ calls were heard. The pulsing in my body, which I feel often when I drop into my pelvic bowl intensified with the anal massage, the warmth, touch, sensations, vibrations and then deep pulsing. Tahlia stirred something inside me. Sensation running up my spine, down my front, up my spine, then connecting like a songline, the portal my anus is, a portal in the pelvic bowl with the throat, where so much emotion gets stuck, anus held closed, throat choking in cries, I saw the rope that connects the two… Tahlia sung, ancient deep Maori tones and my own voice joined hers, like a baby bird, feeling wings, connecting throat and anus…. Heard, held, and present. Anus, welcome to my body. And I slept. A deep restful sleep. The universe has connected me with another angel and another part of my body.


I experienced a tailored healing with the Amazing Tahlia Brand! Gifted is an understatement. So many beautiful elements weaved together - sound healing - which I felt resonating throughout my cells, Tahlia's voice is out of this world! Powerful energetic connection with the earth, womb and throat. I am 7 months pregnant, baby was responding with lots of movement. Sacred! If you are wanting to feel freedom in your body this is for you!


My experience of the womb journey was profound and beautiful experience for me because i got in contact with my womb and the mystery which lay within her. Doing this journey with you, was everything i longed for and more, because i got to interact and make contact with her through my throat. A part of my body i can easily relate with. I could feel what was needed there, to enter the mystery of my womb. Working with you on that level, and in this kind of way, relating towards these particular parts from my body, brought me healing. And deeper understanding why and how i relate to the mysteries within. Great visions and a deep bodily experience through breath, sound, movement and your healing touch and presence. Thank you. So what i see in you, is that you are able to hold space and give presence to strong women who need healing through and within the deeper layers of the feminine. I see you as a wise woman, with a lot of presence and healing medicine. The 'bone lady', 'La Loba', traveling around the world. collecting bones and wisdom, through the heart and womb of the Goddess. And work with wise woman all over the world.