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The Work


The expression of your voice and your sexuality are deeply connected and by exploring this connection, you will uncover your own authentic powerful voice and self. 

Through vocal practices you get direct access to your core sexual centres which allows you to clear stuck energies, blockages and pain you may have as a result of traumatic experiences or unhelpful beliefs. 

The results are profound.  Here is what can open up for you when you do this work:

  • Decrease stress and increase pleasure. Moving from sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to parasympathetic nervous system

  • strengthen relationships and improve intimacy issues

  • increase your connection to your own creative source and Voice

  • become more embodied with a stronger mind/body connection

  • lessen depression/grief/anxiety by releasing physical/emotional pain and trauma



Get in touch and receive a free 20 minutes consultation.


A powerful voice which channels sound on a cellular level


I continue to explore and journey with the deepest parts of me so that I can also hold a deep space for others to do so



Sexological Bodywork (Educational)


Somatic sex bodywork supports individuals, couples and groups in learning to direct their own erotic development, to learn more about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns.  

Teaching involves a variety of instructive modalities, including breath work, foundations of touch, active receiving, mapping, scar tissue remediation, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching. 

Can be done in sessions or for longer periods over weekends or several days.

Cost : 160 for initial 90 minute consultation and 120 an hr for subsequent sessions.


Kahuna Massage

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork


Kahuna massage is a therapeutic massage technique based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. The word "huna" is an amalgam of two words: 'hu' is a word for the male energy and 'na' is the female energy. In the language of native Hawaiians, "huna" means "secret knowledge" and a master practitioner of any of the huna arts is known as a "kahuna.

What is Kahuna Massage?

Kahuna massage differs from other types of massage therapy in two important respects:

  1. Kahuna massage technique is a rhythmic dance for the whole body. The practitioner uses his or her fingers, palms, wrists and even their forearms as they move rhythmically around the table.

  2. In Kahuna massage, the intention and focus of the practitioner is of paramount importance. They are trained to be totally focused on their client with an attitude of love and compassion. This is the essence of the "aloha" spirit that is sacred to the people of Hawaii.

It is often said that Kahuna massage is a holistic natural therapy designed to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage is said to stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems, so may be of therapeutic benefit for a variety of disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and headaches amongst others. It is said to be particularly beneficial for a number of emotional problems, including:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Exhaustion

$90 an hr or $135 for 90 mins

I also offer a blend of Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Mirimiri, Energy work and Myofascial Release depending on what you would like to experience.  I can also incorporate sound into my bodywork

Cost : $90 


Tantric De-Armouring


Our personal histories, life and experience get in the way. Each of us resists this natural state of bliss at some level by protecting ourselves from being hurt. These defensives take the form of energetic, emotional and physical armouring. Receive Tantric Body De-armouring techniques to dissolve physical and energetic holding patterns and allow energy to flow freely through your body.

Allow 1 hour - 90 minutes.


Vocal Coaching (The Naked Voice)


The Naked Voice is a place to come back to our primal instinctive selves, to feel our Voice as an Erotic instrument, to feel the wild and holy Voice that lives within us. It’s a place of embodiment where we sound through our ‘Whole’ body and from the place of our most creative source: the Womb. Speaking or singing with the intention to transform, not perform. To express, not impress, to come back to naked vulnerability and truth, at times beyond our conscious awareness.  Using tools of deep listening, breath, sound, movement and deep embodied enquiry.

I stat by listening to the story around your Voice. Unconditional, curious. This in itself can be profound.

I listen to you speak or sing and feel what's going on in your body, your breath, your throat. I listen for the raw essence. 

Can be done over Skype, allow an hour.

I have 25 years experience as a Classical/Opera Singer with years of Vocal Training myself in NZ and in the UK (post-graduate study)

Cost: $100


Anal Massage

An area where men and women can hold a lot of shame or see as dirty. In fact when we become curious and explore this area it can be a huge source of pleasure and emotional release (there are thousands of nerve ending here) and it can help us be more relaxed generally (don’t be such a tight-arse).

I start with a general massage warming up your body. Then I do some general massage around the genital area and buttocks and allow the body to open before any penetration. The finger is introduced into the rectum through the anus and the prostate gland is gently massaged.(men) Massaging a man's prostate releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress. Coupled with stimulation of his penis or "lingam", massaging the prostate can be extremely pleasurable and healing. Along with the genital areas, the anus is connected to and interwoven with millions of delicately sensitive nerve endings. Mapping can also be done inside the Anus to release tension and explore.  I can also do just external Anal or ‘Rosebud’ Massage.

Allow 90 mins


Shamanic Womb Journey


Deepening into the wisdom of the womb and birthing the return of Feminine wisdom. A journey through the 7 gateways. This is an embodied descent into the dark light of the womb and her ancient primordial wisdom. This can be done internally or externally

Allow up to 90 minutes.


Embodied Counselling


This can take different forms. A counselling session working with the mind/body connection with a focus on listening to the body wisdom and keeping connected to what is happened on an emotional level in the body. This is a mainstream branch of psychotherapy that emphasizes the integration of mind and body. I will draw on a range of techniques including physical interaction (e.g. touch, movement and breathing).

Allow 1 hour or longer.



When booking 5 sessions you will pay for only 4. Get in touch for more information.


about tahlia


Songstress,   Sexological Bodyworker

Medicine Woman, Kahuna Massage Therapist

I grew up on a farm in the deep south of New Zealand. Singing always came naturally to me even though I didn’t come from a particularly musical family. It was a strong form of self-expression for me in a family that wasn’t comfortable with expression.

From the age of 13 I was clear that I wanted to be an Opera Singer and was very single-minded in pursuit of this goal. I did a Music Degree in Voice and also travelled to Manchester, England to do Post-graduate study in Voice. I performed on stage in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K and spent many thousands of dollars studying with different teachers and institutions.

The missing link in retrospect was being seen in a more holistic way. Whilst living in England in my late twenties I became more and more interested in Sound Healing and attended several workshops and festivals with leading edge facilitators at the time.

This also led to exploring many types of bodywork and healing over the past 20 years including various Massage trainings, most recently Kahuna Massage trainings Level 1 to 5, Myofascial Release, Embodied Counselling, Shamanic Practices, Sacred Sexuality including several Ista trainings 1,2 and 3 (International School of Temple Arts), a 9 month Womb Apprenticeship in 2016 with Janine McDonald,  Tantric De-Armouring and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator. I have a powerful Voice which channels sound on a cellular level. I continue to explore and journey with the deepest parts of me so that I can also hold a deep space for others to do so.




Tahlia, thank you. You are both powerful and gentle. I have the utmost respect for you. I look forward to the next time we can connect. Thanks to you I experienced perhaps the most powerful experience of my life to date. I now know I can find empowerment through facing my fears and conditioning. I feel that you are an extremely important woman, please continue with what you are doing.


I experienced a tailored healing with the Amazing Tahlia Brand! Gifted is an understatement. So many beautiful elements weaved together - sound healing - which I felt resonating throughout my cells, Tahlia's voice is out of this world! Powerful energetic connection with the earth, womb and throat. I am 7 months pregnant, baby was responding with lots of movement. Sacred! If you are wanting to feel freedom in your body this is for you!