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Sacred Remembering Through Voice and Movement

  • vartamana retreat 1119 Scenic Drive Auckland, Auckland, 0614 New Zealand (map)

With your Facilitators Tahlia Brand and Alison Fortes

You are sacred
You are a song that is meant to be sung
A dance worth moving to
A story worth telling

A weekend journey with Tahlia and Alison combining the medicine of Sound and Qoya- an embodiment practice based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

What is the Naked Voice?

The Naked Voice is a place to come back to our primal instinctive selves, to feel our Voice as an Erotic instrument, to feel the wild and holy Voice that lives within us. It’s a place of embodiment where we sound through our ‘Whole’ body connecting our feet to the earth and our arms to the sky. Speaking or singing with the intention to transform, not perform. To express, not impress, to come back to naked vulnerability and truth, at times beyond our conscious awareness. Using tools of deep listening, breath, sound, movement and deep embodied inquiry.


Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember. Dance becomes a medicine that flows through us, we remember that at our core we carry deep wisdom, freedom and our wild selves. To find your sovereign truth, and voice through movement, dance and ritual. 

Why is this work important?

Sound and Movement are all around and within us. However, in the busyness of living in such a fast-paced environment of external stimuli it can be difficult to tune in and hear ourselves, to feel our bodies, to feel the full expression of our movement and music within

The Naked Voice and Qoya, help us remember those things, that can never be put into words. Like when you see a sunset and your whole body exhales. When you are on a road trip and feeling the sensation of adventure. When you get caught up in the contagious laughter of a child or feel the warmth of your lover's body in bed while it is raining outside. Music and Movement expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.

There is absolutely no pre-requisite to have any experience in sound and movement as inherently the wisdom of our voice and body reveals itself as we trust in its innocence. This is more a space in which to be curious and explore the own unique quality of your Voice and Body. What does YOUR voice and movement bring to the collective synergy and sacredness of the field. We are here to express, remember, allow, and give permission to ALL aspects of our embodied experience.

As part of the Weekend you will leave with your own unique First Light® Flower Essence blend created by Alison

What outcomes can I expect from this workshop?

*A deeper experience of your own unique voice and how it presents itself in and engages in the world.

*Deeper listening skills to really hear yourself and others

*Introducing the field of sound as a place of creative community building

*Connecting more with your primal voice 

*Gaining tools to express a wider range of vocal expression

*Becoming more spontaneous with your sound 

*Becoming softer and more engaged in the places of resonance in our body

*More acceptance of our voice and letting go of old patterns and stories around our voice

*Body wisdom, ways to release and surrender through movement

*Gathering chi through movement, breath and stillness

Open to all bodies and genders 

Cost: $440 or $395 if paid in full by Jan 30

Earlier Event: 8 February
Wildself Voice Discovery